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Pomeranianul este un caine de talie mica, compact, cu o blana somptuoasa , cu temperament foarte prietenos si expansiv.

Extrem de inteligenti si sportivi, pot fi dresati cu usurinta si se adapteaza extrem de usor. Rasa are o popularitate imensa datorita catelusului din aceasta rasa numit Boo, al carui profil pe Facebook are mii de vizualizari.

Boo este doar un nume, nu o varietate a rasei- el este tuns incat sa semene cu un ursulet! Tot datorita popularitatii tot mai crescute a acestei rase s-au creat si diverse mituri, si anume ca aceasta rasa ar avea mai multe tipuri: tip ursulet teddybear face , tip papusa doll face , tip vulpita foxy face.

Sunt interpretari diferite ale diverselor varste ale puiului de pomeranian, fiind cunoscut faptul ca este extrem de dragalas si cu cap rotund, urechi mici si foarte pufos la varsta mica luni - vezi poza mai jos :.

Dar rabdarea va va fi rasplatita, acest micut ciufulit si zapacit se va transforma intr-un adevarat pomeranian elegant cu aspect princiar si temperament pe masura!

Nu este deloc o rasa care latra fara masura, de aceea se preteaza foarte bine si la viata in apartament.

O alta intrebare pe care ne-o adreseaza doritorii acestei rase este legata de talia si greutatea pomeranianului.

Pomeranianul este varietatea cea mai mica a rasei spitz german, rasa care contine 5 varietati de talie si greutate. Este plin internetul de astfel de oferte, dar trebuie sa va dea de gandit ca pe un pedigree recunoscut international nu apare decat numele rasei asa cum este el in nomenclatorul FCI, si anume deutcher spitz, varietatea zwerg pitic.

Pe nici un pedigre oficial nu va apare cuvantul teacup!! Mai nou, si in pedigree-le romanesti apare pomeranian la varietate.

CH Impala American Beauty. Nu acceptam vizite in canisa inaintea de prima imunizare - daca doriti sa fiti siguri ca veti avea un pui din canisa noastra, puteti face o rezervare si sa platiti un avans dupa ce s-au nascut puii si veti primi poze si filmulete pana la vizionarea puiului in real.

Nu suntem o canisa mare, avem doar cuiburi pe an, nu reproducem in fiecare an putem avea si 2 ani pauza. Daca ati hotarat sa luati un puiut de la noi, inainte de vizita in canisa va rugam sa va informati asupra cresterii, ingrijirii si educarii unui catelus, sa luati in considerare ca noi respectam schema de vaccinare Dodds, deci nu suntem de acord cu supra vaccinarea s-a demonstrat deja ca schema cu 4 vaccine la interval de 2 saptamani este perimata ,.

In general nu veti primi catelul acasa de la prima vizita, va oferim un ragaz de a va gandi bine la achizitia pe care o veti face si la responsabilitatile pe care vi le veti asuma privind ingrijirea acestui catel - nu puteti primi banii inapoi daca va razganditi dupa ce l-ati luat!

It's not practical in any sense of the word. Blade Runner is a fantasy that will not be realized for many, many years. It this point in time, "flying cars" solve no problems and create man oth.

I think that is one of the biggest problems. In order to be street legal, it would be almost too heavy to take off.

Actually, out in the wide-open rural spaces of the western US and Canada, "flying cars" are rather common and quite practical. Of course, they're usually called small planes, typically 2- or 4-seaters with some cargo space.

And you'd usually want a ground car, too, since aircraft can be somewhat impractical on days of high winds, thunderstorms, etc. It's common for small-town shopping strips in that area to have a runway that's parallel to the main street, with stores in between, for the benefit of peop.

What a load of BS. Moller's "flying car" is a joke -- a bit like Stan Meyer's water-powered car was.

It's always easy to create a conspiracy to cover up a complete lack of substance when you're busy trying to milk gullible investors! Like this vehicle, it folds the wings away for driving on the road.

But unlike this vehicle at least from what I can see , they have both a weight exemption from the FAA so it can be classified as a "light sport" aircraft and flown on a "sport pilot license" which is much easier to get than a full regular pilot license AND an exemption from the NHTSA to use lightweight motorcycle tires and a lightweight polycarbonate windscreen to keep weight down instead of the heavier automobile tires and safety glass.

Flying car s. From Wiki [wikipedia. Although the estimated number of General Lees used varies from different sources, according to Ben Jones "Cooter" in the show , as well as builders involved with the show, General Lees were used to film the series.

Others claim about were used in the series. Approximately 17 still exist in various states of repair. On average, more than one General Lee was used up per show.

When filming a jump, anywhere from to 1, pounds to kg of sand bags or concrete ballast was placed in the trunk to prevent the car from nosing over.

Later in the series the mechanics would raise the front end of the car to keep it from scraping against the ramp causing it to lose speed, thereby providing a cushion for the driver upon landing.

Stunt drivers report enjoying the flights but hating the landings. Despite the ballast, the landing attitude of the car was somewhat unpredictable, resulting in moderate to extremely violent forces, depending on how it landed.

On many of the jumps the cars bent upon impact. All cars used in large jumps were immediately retired due to structural damage.

In case you don't drive much, its already too scary with cars on the ground. Can you imagine some of these idiots flying around?

The horrendous crashes? Care to think about what it would be like when someone careens into the top floor of an office building and explodes into a fireball?

Thankfully flying tech has not progressed to reality. Well, ok, you have a point I guess, but adding a third dimension gives one a lot more room to maneuver, and it would seem that it would reduce the chances of collision.

Visualize, you're not flying at 70 MPH less than 20 feet behind another hurtling piece of metal on exactly the same vector, just a few feet from similar hurtling pieces of metal at exactly the opposite vector.

Where air traffic gets dangerous is around the choke points, usually airports. Good that you mention Karl Benz. The restrictions imposed on him, led to the first long distance driver being a woman.

As the story goes, Karl Benz was only allowed to drive the car with prior police permission and only on closed off roads.

He never drove the car himself, because of fear it would explode on him. So on 5 August , when Karl was out, his wife Berta decided to visit her sister in Pfortsheim.

As there where no other means of transportation she and her two sons took the car on the km trip. This was without the permission of her husband and the police.

They had to refuel on the way and bought the ethanol in a pharmacy. This story was a PR wonder that got many restrictions lifted. Obviously manual controls would only work outside of restricted airspace; within restricted airspace, you'd be under the guidance of the airspace control computer.

Funnily enough I think flying cars could be a better target for automation than those disastrous ground-based driverless cars.

The problem space is much more defined in the air than on the ground and, given that it's difficult for a human to look in all directions at once or judge distances of rapidly approaching objects, should probably be mandatory.

With a reserved airspace that has no manually controlled vehicles whatsoever, it's definitely a better target for automation assuming quadrotor style manueverability.

The thing that makes the ground hard is the manually controlled vehicles, the people, trash cans, road surface damage, and other mobile obstacles.

Take that away, and you no longer need vision systems or any of it. Well for one thing there are very few pedestrians and stray dogs wandering across the aerial 'streets'.

You do realize that we are no longer talking about Cessna's with Hemi's and whitewalls, we are talking about VTOL craft at this point, right?

And some of us do have pilot's licenses, so we realize how ridiculous this particular vehicle is, right?

As long as humans control the flying cars, they will never become a reality; and thankfully so.

Most people who have licences to drive shouldn't have them, but at least when they prove their incompetence in piloting their car the damage is somewhat limited compared to a Cesna falling out of the sky.

The rest of the idiots I meet on my bike ride home shouldn't be allowed to drive in two dimensions, much less three.

I think the licence to operate an aircraft might be just a teensy bit harder to get than the licence to operate a car That's under current law.

Given that the populace have voted that it's okay to fail the driving test 59 times as long as you pass the 60th, and you can be half-blind and senile and still drive, current law may very well be revised.

If everyone, or a. Being half-blind, a. I know that it's illegal to drive half-blind in some European countries, but that is IMHO just one of the many overreaching, stupid regulations.

One thing I like about the U. Binocular vision isn't really necessary for driving a street car. Lots of things are against the law and yet people still murder, rape, kidnap, steal, etc.

What makes you think some idiot will follow a law that says they can't fly their flying car if it has a bit of a bend?

I followed some jerk whose brake lights didn't work last week. I'm sure that's illegal, too. You would become that jerk if your lights failed mid-way through a drive, or you didn't check them every single journey.

So a small bingle in a flying car means it instantly becomes just a car until repaired and approved for flight.

Oh, no, because it will be unambiguously proven that flying your car around is a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution.

Out of curiosity I'm not a pilot , what do the rules look like for personal aircraft? It's all defined by the manufacturer and the FAA, who basically work together on airworthiness - the key word.

You can only fly an airworthy airplane, so anything that affects the airworthiness of the airplane must be signed off on by a certified mechanic before further flight.

The manufacturer has extensive and highly detailed rules which they're required to enumerate for certification relating to exactly what kinds of damage, wear, and modifications affect the airworthiness of the airplane.

A bent fairing might not require anything at all. A popped tire probably requires inspection of the wheel and brake as part of the tire replacement procedure.

There's all sorts of "must check X while fixing Y" rules, and everything has a lifetime - including the prop and engine.

Furthermore, the FAA occasionally publishes "airworthiness directives" ADs which, usually in response to some sort of accident or failure pattern, must be addressed in a timely fashion at next inspection, within hours, before further flight, etc - whatever is specified.

Non-compliance with an AD means that the airplane is unairworthy. Most small planes will never need an X-raying - I think the reason that the big boys use it is because they have more exotic and high-stress components e.

Of course, however, like the average multi purpose tools, you need to carry around only one instead of two. That's a great advantage in itself.

So even though it doesn't drive as easily as a car and it doesn't fly as well as an aeroplane, it still beats having to lug an aircraft around on a trailer behind your car.

The promised flying car is for when you are sitting in traffic and you hit the big red button that jumps you ahead of the blockage, not this delicate thing.

Driving out of town to get to the nearest airfield usually mean you're out of traffic and thus the whole thing is mute. That it is "production-ready" doesn't necessarily mean it's being produced.

Based on your definition, even a "concept car" is "production ready", if that's what you want to produce. But in a realistic sense "production ready" means you have all the design features set and are ready to build production dies and molds, have the production wireing peg-board and jigs designed, and have suppliers lined up, and a factory space ready to accept the machines required to build this thing.

The linked video shows that while it looks more plane than car, it has much more car-properties than plane-properties. It flies, but it doesn't look very stable when in the air, and it is only shown flying low above a runway.

As this is a promo video, this means to me that this is the best they can do, and that they're not able to fly it above more interesting landscapes - be it due to licensing, or capabilities, or other reasons.

This concept is just "roadable aircraft" - basically light planes you drive to and from an airport. And even if the FAA allowed you to takeoff and land on roads, that would be totally impractical since the roads aren't designed for it.

Nor would it be safe for human pilots to land in and takeoff from other traffic. So we'll need 1 robocars, 2 redesign of the roads to allow takeoff and landing in some parts, 3 a radical overhaul of the regulatory and air traffic control system to accommodate a drastic.

And I'm still waiting on my handheld laser gun that I can point and fire at preteen girls that will make them want to have sex with me.

A solution in need of a problem. We have airplanes, we have cars, and we have the information superhighway [youtu.

Then watching it be intercepted by a fighter jet and escorted to safety will be all the more neat. It is licensed as an airplane, with many, MANY exceptions when licensed as a ground vehicle.

The idea is that you drive it a short distance to an airport, then take off and fly as an airplane. Then drive a short distance to somewhere at the other end.

It's not meant to be driven even as much as a high-end sports car on the ground. It's mean as "get to airport, fly, get to destinat. Friend did about the same with a Cessna put a couple ultra portable mopeds in the cargo, drove there few and drove the last bit.

Not like you need much more when you can get within miles of where you going in the northeast and have a small airport. Googling on 'site:slashdot.

Someone proposes a flying car every now and then. As they are all only interpretation of past concepts, which did not work or were impractical.

There was recently an article on why there will never be an practical realization. I hoped that will be the end of it. I noticed they don't have a pricetag anywhere.

I suspect this toy will be one of those toys that most normal people can't afford. Flying car: Something that allows you to take off from your home and fly directly to your destination.

Roadable aircraft: An aircraft that you can drive to and from local airports. It's good for people who already fly light aircraft no more worrying about transport once you fly to your destination , useless for the rest of us.

Never forget why we don't have flying cars already. After all, strapping wings to a car is not particularly difficult.

Doing so and not dying in the process is another matter. Wouldn't a wealthy traveler just go to their local private airport and take a towncar at their destination?

Imagine having enough money to buy a small aircraft and time to get a license to fly it OR a new luxury car, but not really feeling rich enough to justify buying both.

Anybody who can afford this can afford a comparable fixed-wing aircraft easily. It's hard to imagine someone who can afford to buy a small aircraft but can't afford to rent a car at the airport.

I don't think it is all that expensive to keep a plane at a private airport. And a towncar fom Uber is not much different from a taxi, cost-wise.

Helicopter-like flight is the right idea, but I think it's a power and propulsion problem. Helicopters are hideously mechanical and have maintenance schedules that would scare even a Ferrari owner.

I think you do need helicopter-like flight -- vertical takeoff and landing, forward and backward flight, side-side flight, etc.

No flying car concept would seem to work without these. If you could get this in some kind of package that would work on a car the size of a full-size sedan, you'd only need the advanced aviononics that let you program in a desintation it will fly you to, avoiding all hazards.

Maybe they could have some kind of guided manual mode where you could fly it wherever you wanted but a set of safety and guidance systems kept it from crashing into objects or other cars probably with active coordination with other cars as well as obeying specific flight rules height, speed, etc.

Something like the go carts at an amusement park where you can "drive" within a set of constraints but without the restriction of a fixed course.

But the guidance and safety seem trivial next to the propulsion system that gives you six degrees of freedom in the size of a sedan.

That's why quadcopters win. Sure, you're dependent on four engines, but each engine can be hilariously simple. What with the accelerated maintenance schedules it might be a good place to actually use those 1.

However, cars have the advantage that you don't need to spend any energy to keep them from crashing into the ground, only effort in keeping them from crashing into other stuff.

And planes have the advantage of more efficiency. VTOL takes a lot of energy, and you need to haul aroun. You should be able to at least slow your descent substantially on any two opposing engines.

Also, google is my friend. It can be yours. An autogyro that's a helicopter where the rotor is not powered, instead using a prop or jet or so for forward propulsion would get really close.

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