The World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations, WAITRO, is an independent non-governmental, non-profit organization, established in 1970. WAITRO has special consultative status with the United Nations and its specialized agencies, and seeks to become the leading global network of research and technology organizations, furthering sustainable development through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

WAITRO has around 180 members in over 80 countries. WAITRO has a roving Secretariat, which is why, during its history; WAITRO´s Secretariat has been hosted by British Columbia, (Canada), TNO (The Netherlands), DTI (Denmark) and, today in SIRIM Berhad (Malaysia). Among its leading members are FRAUNHOFER (Germany), LEITAT (Spain), IVL (Sweden), ASTER (Italy), GTS (Denmark), etc., all of whom are willing to collaborate with RTOs in developing countries through the WAITRO programs with sponsorship from worldwide development agencies and industry.



On this occasion we will gather in Medellín. An ever-evolving lively city, which has continually overcome the toughest trials and is in a process of constant reinvention.  Today, Medellín is a symbol of change and innovation, as well as having solid foundations in the development of collaborative systems of cooperation between the state, industry, academia, RTOs, and local entrepreneurs, for the economic and human development of society.

Welcome to a city where change and innovation are imprinted in the minds of its people, where you will have the opportunity to share ideas, connect with top international researchers, and collaborate with public and private entities to innovate innovation.


CIDET - Congreso WAITRO Medellín 2016