Join the 23rd WAITRO Biennial Congress, and together we will generate ideas to solve some of the major problems facing our society. To attend the Congress, please fill out the following information (registration deadline: 23rd of September, 2016). You will receive an email confirming your registration.


CEOs Roundtable

How can you contribute to this space?

This will be a unique opportunity to analyze and discuss the issues related to the challenges of the RTOs, the role they should play in the twenty-first century and how they should be transformed and adapted according to new global requirements.

Moderated by: David Grier, Chief Strategist, Innovation Saskatchewan (Canada)

Who should attend: Managers / Directors / CEOs of Technology Development Centers and agents at the core of innovation systems, who wish to identify strategies and processes to develop and promote innovation systems and strengthen their role in the ecosystem.


  • What are RTOs?1
  • Conceptual Model of the RTO
  • Best RTO Management Practices by Major Process Areas
  • (Re-)shaping RTO roles in progress
  • The RTO Transformation Process
  1. RTO: Public and private organizations, laboratories, R&D departments that are actively engaged in conducting industrial and technological R&D besides providing technology and innovation services to firms (or to the broader enterprise) and other clients with managerial independence and mixed funding structure (public-private).

Waitlist Registration for CEOs Roundtable:
For RTOs, CEOs or Managers/Directors of R&D Business Units, if you registration includes Thursday the 29th of September, 2016. Limited places and Discretionary Invitation by the Organizers and Sponsors who will send the relevant information required.


CIDET - Congreso WAITRO Medellín 2016