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23rd WAITRO Biennial Congress and General Assembly 
September 28th-30th, 2016
Medellin, Colombia
Estelar Milla de Oro Hotel

Welcome to a city that inspires, blossoms and transforms every day

The WAITRO Congress in Medellín (Colombia) will be a space for Public Research & Technology Organizations (RTOs) to share their expert knowledge to their collegues, industry and public officials, focusing on the different types of “Public-Private Partnerships for Innovation”, and the learning outcomes of practical experiences from these types of alliances around the world.

With each passing day we must prepare ourselves to become part of the solution to the problems facing our communities, organizations, regions and countries. All ideas or opinions can be of great relevance. Innovation is not the sole responsibility of scientists, business/government leaders or visionaries, it is in the hands of society as a whole, and is the result of our own individual leadership efforts.

If our business leaders don´t out move their competitors, if our RTOs don’t provide relevant knowledge and technology, and if our governments don’t foster interaction between business leaders, researchers and communities for sustainable development and life quality improvement, the ideals of the more prosperous and just societies will simply be utopias. This is where the great opportunity lies. The opportunity we will seize during this Congress!

RTOs, business leaders and different government organizations will work hand in hand towards the development of better and bigger solutions: Public-Private Partnerships for the economic and social development of our countries, leveraging science, technology and innovation.

Welcome to a city where change and innovation are imprinted in the minds of its people, where you will have the opportunity to share ideas, connect with top international researchers, and collaborate with public and private entities to innovate innovation.

  • Plenary Sessions (Gurus and Nobel Prize winners) in experiential formats (TED style)
  • Panel discussions with RTOs and industry leaders
  • Workshops (e.g., Public Policy)
  • Success stories
  • WAITRO Innovation Award

  • Networking visits: Energy, Water and Urban Waste
  • Exhibition: RTOs or R&D Business Units
  • Networking: Cocktail, gala dinner, bilateral meetings, Networking Platform
  • WAITRO Assembly
  • Sightseeing and shopping tours.




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The WAITRO Congress in Medellin

Follow these tips to ensure that you discover and enjoy the best of Medellín at the
23rd WAITRO Biennial Congress and General Assembly:




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WAITRO 2016 Congress

The WAITRO Congress has been designed to promote opportunities for international collaboration, and to share knowledge and experience between RTOs, industry, government and communities. In addition, we will invite the world to gather in Medellín for the making of “Public-Private Partnerships to Innovate Innovation”:

click here for detailed information about the event’s program:  Speakers and activities for each day.

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CIDET - Congreso WAITRO Medellín 2016