Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar

“The flight of imagination has no limit – except the one that you put on your own mind”

A dangerous optimist, R. A. Mashelkar is uniquely multifaceted. National Research Professor, is presently also the President of Global Research Alliance, a network of publicly funded R&D institutes from Asia-Pacific, Europe and USA with over 60,000 scientists. He is a Director on boards of India’s leading companies, from Tatas to Reliance. 34 global universities have bestowed honorary doctorates upon him. The President of India honored Dr. Mashelkar with Padmashri (1991), with Padmabhushan (2000) and with Padma Vibhushan (2014), which are three of the highest civilian honors in recognition of his contribution to nation building.




Govert Gijsbers - Congreso WAITRO Medellín 2016

Govert Gijsbers (PhD)

Senior Researcher – TNO

Dr. Govert Gijsbers specializes in research and innovation policy, focusing on foresight studies, monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment, applied to specific sectors and technologies. His current and most recent activities include European innovation projects for the manufacturing industry, medical technology, biotechnology, and agribusiness. He is also experienced in subjects such as employment, job markets and related capabilities. His most recent projects for the European Parliament include an analysis of key enabling technologies (TFE) for Horizon 2020, and the impact of the financial crisis on the job creation potential of SMEs.


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Jos Leijten (PhD)

Independent Innovation Policy Consultant

A visionary entrepreneur in nonprofit research and environmental policy consultancy, the creation of new lines of work and research groups. He now works as an advisor at JIIP. Dr. Jos Leijten was Strategy Director of the Industrial Innovation Program at TNO (Holland). He created JIIP as an initiative of TNO, VTT, Joanneum and Tecnalia. He previously held management posts in the area of innovation policy research at TNO, and was a visiting scientist at the Institute for Prospective Studies of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Sevilla.


Jos Leijten

Carlos-Montalvo - Congreso WAITRO Medellín 2016

Carlos Montalvo

Multidisciplinary and international policy research – TNO

Dr. Carlos Montalvo is a Senior Industrial and Innovation Policy Scientist at TNO. He has extensive experience as a project engineer and R&D manager, as well as in the research of multidisciplinary and international policies (25 years). His research outcomes have supported various European Commission actions for technology research and development, and innovation policies.

The European Foresight Monitoring Network – Collection of EFMN Briefs – Part 1

The European Foresight Monitoring Network – Collection of EFMN Briefs – Part 2

Final report Monitoring foresight activities in Europe and the rest of the world

Carlos Montalvo

Bernardo Calzadilla Sarmiento, UNIDO

Director. Trade Capacity Building Branch

He is a Senior Quality and Standards expert and former UNIDO Deputy Representative to the United Nations and Other International Organizations at UNIDO office in Geneva. Dr. Calzadilla was Director for the Technical Assistance and Training Services at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as well as the Secretary of the ISO Policy Committee on Developing countries matters (ISO DEVCO).

He started his career as a coordinator of development strategies at the Ministry of Planning in La Paz, Bolivia. Born in Bolivia, Dr. Calzadilla holds a Master Degree in industrial and process organization and a Ph.D. in economics, from the University of Business Management and Economics of Vienna (Austria). He has followed IRCA certified auditor’s courses on ISO management systems standards, specialized quality management courses at AOTS Japan and specialized training on trade policies at Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


LinkedIn Bernardo Calzadilla

Bernardo Calzadilla - Congrso WAITRO Medellín 2016

Lidia R. Arthur Brito

Director of the Regional Bureau for Science of UNESCO for Latin America and the Caribbean and UNESCO Representative in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Born in Mozambique, Ms. Brito has over thirty years of work experience in the field of science policy, development plans and monitoring of policies and scientific instruments, forestry, traditional energy (biomass and coal), higher education management, technical and vocational education, ICT for development, university professor, researcher, consultant and principal administrator at national, regional and international institutions, combining academic and practical aspects to promote sustainable development.

In November 2009 she was selected as Director of Science Policy and Sustainable Development UNESCO, a position he held until April 2014 at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.

Lidia Brito has worked extensively in the advancement of STI’s for sustainable development and to build interfaces between science policy and society. She Cooperated and chaired the most important scientific event for the preparation of Conference the Planet under Pressure Rio + 20 (London, 2012). She organized several events during Rio + 20, as part of the activities of UNESCO during the Summit.

In the position of Director of Science Policy and Capacity Building in UNESCO, She has had the opportunity to work with all regions and internationally in areas related to science for sustainable development, policies on science and technology and related instruments, promotion partnerships between universities and industry, incubators and techno-parks, development plans for small island states and programs in basic sciences.

When she was the first Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology of Mozambique (2000-2005) and Academic Vice Chancellor Eduardo Mondlane University (1998 to 2000), accumulated a vast experience in the fields of Higher Education, Science and Technology, and innovative programs and policies on identification, design, implementation and evaluation in project management and professional teams of high level (equally with national and foreign experience), and directed processes of participatory consultation in Mozambique and abroad.

She has collaborated on numerous boards, including the Governing Council of the UNESCO Institute for Education in Water, the University Council of the United Nations, the Advisory Council of the Community Development Carbon Fund, the Council of directors of the Development Gateway Foundation; She is a member of the Council of the Institute of Stockholm Environment, the African Forestry Forum, Biodiversity (CGIAR Center), among others.

Since May 2014 holds the position of Director of the Regional Bureau for Science of UNESCO for Latin America and the Caribbean and UNESCO Representative in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

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Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann

Director. Trade Capacity Building Branch MSc in International marketing, Director, Center for Ideas & Innovation, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark.

Knud Erik has worked at the Institute since 1998 and prior to that, 10 years as a business consultant in the UK. Knud Erik is the project leader of the innovation agent program in Denmark, which involves 35 innovation agents across seven advanced technology institutes with the task in 2016-2018 of conducting 475 innovation audits and 290 project initiations in small and medium sized enterprises per annum. Knud Erik has expertise in the field of policy analysis on the cross-section between education and training policies, sustainability and industrial development. He has conducted several sector analytical projects and worked as advisor to Foreign and Danish ministries and the Commission, where he has contributed as an evaluator of projects, and with analyses of innovation, competitiveness, technologies and skills developments in various sectors. Knud Erik combines a keen analytical approach with considerable insight into the needs for sustainable development and innovation.


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Torsti Loikkanen

Senior Research Scientist, Research Coordinator of VTT´s (Technical Research Centre of Finland) Innovation Policy Studies.

Mr. Loikkanen is Senior Research Scientist, Research Coordinator of VTT´s (Technical Research Centre of Finland) Innovation Policy Studies. His occupational field ranges Socio-economic innovation and innovation policy studies in developed and developing economies. He focuses on Development and use of quantitative and qualitative evaluation and impact assessment methodology and indicators in the analysis of industrial R&D and innovation and of innovation policy, policy intervention and policy instruments and organizations, in both developed and developing economies. On-going participation in PhD Program Roskilde University Centre, The International PhD Programme in Technology Policy and Socio-Economic Development, Denmark.


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David Grier

Professional agricultural engineer.

is a professional agricultural engineer who has spent his 43 year career involved in various aspects of innovation. He has been employed in his home province of Saskatchewan by its electrical utility, its largest university, its research council, and its government agency responsible for managing the province’s investment in innovation.
David has had a long and very rewarding involvement with WAITRO.  He was part of the three country team that developed a methodology to discover the best practices for managing research and technology organizations (RTOs). From 1998 to 2008 he served on the WAITRO Executive Committee, first as North American Representative, then as 2nd Vice Present, and finally as 1st VP.

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Moses Mengu

Director of the International Centre at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI).

Mr. Moses Mengu is the Director of the International Centre at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) where he has worked since 1987. Mr. Mengu is an expert in EU framework research programmes and an experienced international consultant, having worked for several UN and international agencies including UNIDO, UNESCO, EU, and the Commonwealth Secretariat. He is currently Project Director for several international and EU projects in which DTI is involved.

Mr. Mengu has been associated with the World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organisations (WAITRO) in different capacities since 1974 and served as CEO and Deputy Secretary General from 1988 to 2002. Mr. Mengu was the leader of the international consultancy team that undertook the WAITRO RTO Benchmarking and Best Practices project from 1994 to 2002. From 2003 to 2006, he served as the CEO and Managing Director of Botswana Technology Centre and helped found the Regional Research Alliance linking RTOs from Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Mr. Mengu is currently a Director in the Global Research Alliance (GRA), and a member of the Board of the Danish Development Research Network (DDRN). For his contribution to the promotion of science and technology in developing countries, Mr. Mengu received the WAITRO Award of Honour in 2004.

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Mrs. Alejandra Botero

currently coordinates the CAF program intended to support innovations in firms, which seeks to increase investment and the effectiveness of research, development and innovation in Latin America. Prior to CAF, Alejandra co-founded the “Impact Hub Caracas”, a collaborative space to promote social entrepreneurship, and worked at McKinsey & Co., a global strategic consulting company, focusing on projects in the financial and governmental sectors. Alejandra graduated in Economics and Political Science from Swarthmore College in the USA and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Columbia University in New York.



Dr Zanariah Ujang

Dr Zanariah Ujang is currently the Senior Director for Energy & Environment Flagship attached to SIRIM Industrial Research. She is responsible for planning, evaluating and monitoring a portfolio of multi disciplinary research projects in the area of renewable energy, environmental technologies and biobased products.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA   and obtained her MSc and PhD degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Strathclyde UK.

Prior to her current management position, Dr Zanariah served as a Senior Principal Researcher at SIRIM Industrial Research and has been actively involved in research and technology development activities. Among her field of expertise, specialization and interest include:

  • Enzyme Catalysis: process development & optimization and  scaling up
  • Biobased Product: natural bioactives, biobased chemicals and downstream processing
  • Biomedical Technology – water soluble biopolymers for wound care application
  • Dermal Delivery Technology – nanostructured lipid carrier system for topical  application

During her years as a researcher, she enjoyed teaching and mentoring students from local universities and colleges undergoing industrial attachment training in her labs, a responsibility she took to inculcate the interest in science and technology among the younger generations.

Dr Zanariah is currently the Chairman of Industrial Center of Innovation Committee, a scheme under SIRIM Industrial Innovation Model aimed at supporting small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia in

  • Enhancing their innovative capability (innovation driven)
  • Increasing their productivity (productivity led)
  • Growing and moving up the value chain (growth-oriented)

The industrial innovation is develop based on the collaboration between SIRIM and the Fraunhofer Institute and is funded by the Government of Malaysia.